fashion time

Senior Models

Ace G.

Andrea G. | (24k)

Annette (18,9k)

Barbara R. (15k)

Christine L-Sch.

Claudia K.

Diesel S.


Jan d.V.

Jörg A.

Kirsten F.

Ludowika K.

Maggie M. | (6k)

Mario R.

Monika H.

Patrick M.

Petra V. | (ca. 5k)

Roland B.

Sabine F.

Sigfried F.

Steffen F.

Susanne S. | (10,7k)


Ulli H.-F. (24,1k)

Senior Models, Silver Foxes, Best Agers, Silver Models, these are the most common terms for the gaming age 50 plus. This popular target group among our customers and end customers should not be missing at any fashion show.