fashion time

New Faces

Anita W.

Catharina G.

Chris A.

Fabian R.

Giulia V.

Jemima D.

Johanna W.

Julia F.

Julia H.


Katharina S.


Kerstin K.

Lena M.

Lilia D.

Linn B.


Luciano M.

Lukas L.

Malte B.

Mareen S.

Mariam N.

Marisa (9,3k)

Marita P.

Martin H.

Maximilian W.

Michael A.

Michael K.

Miriam W.

Miriam W.

Monique D.

Nathalie Z.

Nele F.

Patrick F.

Pauline S,

Petra P.

Rebecca G.

Sabina S.

Sarah S.

Sebastian G.

Sebastian S.


Silvana S.

Steven I.

Steven N.

Tamino B.

Tim O.



Yannik I.

New Faces are models who are under development with us and want to and can conquer the fashion world safely but with less experience, mostly due to age.