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New Faces Promoter

Anita W.

Catharina G.

Chris A.

Fabian R.

Giulia V.

Jemima D.

Johanna W.

Julia F.

Julia H.


Katharina S.


Kerstin K.

Lena M.

Lilia D.

Linn B.


Luciano M.

Lukas L.

Malte B.

Mareen S.

Mariam N.

Marisa (9,3k)

Marita P.

Martin H.

Maximilian W.

Michael A.

Michael K.

Miriam W.

Miriam W.

Monique D.

Nathalie Z.

Nele F.

Patrick F.

Pauline S,

Petra P.

Rebecca G.

Sabina S.

Sarah S.

Sebastian G.

Sebastian S.


Silvana S.

Steven I.

Steven N.

Tamino B.

Tim O.



Yannik I.

New Faces promoters are under construction with us for the action - enterainment & fashion world have less experience, mostly due to age. We have the staff for you for your promotional campaign. Your campaigns should be looked after reliably, then you can count on us and our team.